• Image of Geist / Sunlight's Bane - split 7"

From Vetala Productions, UK

"‘ Geist are so tight and dynamic in a way that not many bands in their genre can master, their songs aren’t just buzzsaw riffs with a d-beat holding everything together, these lads can play. Their second and final offering on here is ‘Location Data’, which was on the aforementioned Son of Sun Live Session. It puts me in mind of Cursed a lot, but that to me is certainly no bad thing, god dammit I miss Cursed. Geist don’t only play to their strengths, but they challenge themselves too, in my opinion. There are meaty metallic riffs that weave in and out of some really technical parts with such ease.

Sunlight’s Bane are a 5 piece from deepest, darkest Michigan. Their opening track on here is a blackened grindcore assault, there is no let up, no break, no bullshit, just them smashing your head off the pavement until you need to go to the hospital, but in audio form. Fucking brilliant." - Echoes and Dust