• Image of Lascar - Absence LP

From Throne Records, Spain

conic Southern American epic Atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece debut album!

"This is the brand new third release, and first full length from the independent one man Chilean depressive, atmospheric blackgaze/black metal project Lascar. The project is helmed by Gabriel Hugo, who provides all instrumentation and vocal work. This release is the much anticipated follow up to the superb EP Depths from 2015, which I both bought and reviewed.
Considering how much I enjoyed the projects last release I was a little nervous as to whether a full length album would be work as well, thankfully I need not have worried. This entire album comes together extremely well with a magnificent combination of intense droning drums and guitars, slow and elegant atmospheric interludes and tortured vocals that project a tortured lament for the natural world.
This album sets out clear and precise intentions, and follows through with them, the album rarely compromises on the droning wall of sound that is created by the distant riff work, but when it does it does so with a slow and melodic rhythm that makes the impact of the more abrasive parts of the album all the more affecting.
My personal favourite track on this release is the last track, Last Sea it brings the album together well and leaves the listener wanting more. Overall this is another great release from Lascar and it makes me very excited for what we might see from this project later this year."

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