• Image of Dopethrone - Hochelaga LP

From Totem Cat Records, France

"I don't care how scuzzy you think you sound, you aren't Dopethrone. These guys are the drug problem in Heavy anything, and I am pretty sure they have a problem. Not the issue, because they have graced us with another slab of pure sonic ecstasy, their new catalogue of riffs entitled ‘Hochelaga’. This is a 7 song ode to brutal, smoke infused riffs, dripping with vicious intent to peddle. I am a lover of all things fuzzy and dirty, so this scratches my itch! Let’s dig in!

The album is, in a word, massive. Beware the listener that clicks play on this with cheap speakers. You'll soon need to replace them simply because of the sludgy, waxy build-up their riffs will leave on the speaker material. They play some of the nastiest blues you'll find outside of Satan's record collection, focusing on booze, rebellion, occult, sex, and of course, drugs.... " - The Sludgelord

RED Vinyl version