• Image of Monuments Collapse / Breag Naofa Split LP

From Shove Records, Italy

"Both Monuments Collapse from San Francisco and Bréag Naofa, hailing from Seattle, are doing a supreme job of flying the flag of dark epic hardcore and atmospheric post metal on the West Coast, and their pairing for a split LP is an appropriate one if anything.

The bands make up two utterly hefty sides to this LP released by Halo of Flies and Shove. Last year, Monuments Collapse released their ambitious self-titled album as an introduction. It plucked from the Fall of Efrafa and Snowblood school of thought, with healthy doses of doom and post rock melodies topped off with a hardcore underbelly.

Breag Naofa occupy a similar vein to Light Bearer and Mouth of the Architect, with a penchant for crafting grandiose and spiraling compositions that are all about the epic journey and stunning crescendo and release." - Cvlt Nation