• Image of Cloud Rat - Moksha LP

From Halo Of Flies, US

5th press on purple vinyl.

"Cloud Rat’s self-titled LP and their split with Republic of Dreams were punishing slabs of grindcore inflected with astute amounts of melody and shades of screamo. ‘Aroma’ continues on that path but first opens with a juddering slow passage and Madison’s now so recognisable vocals before erupting into a terse barrage of furious grind. There are very few bands doing what Cloud Rat are doing and doing it so well."
- Jonathan Keane, The Grind That Annoys

"There's no doubt in my mind that these guys and gal are going to get their "big break" soon, and become more than just underground grind titans. Everything from their stupidly good live performance, to the stunning quality of their music and recordings, this band has it all."
- Operation Grindcore

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